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Testimonials from universities (school) and companies introducing JPT

Testimonials from universities (school)

3H Japanese Language School (Chiba prefecture, Chiba city)
Mr. Sato
"We feel that JPT’s registration procedure is a lot simpler and easier, and our students can take the test regardless of their Japanese language ability"

Since JLPT and EJU for the year of 2020 have been canceled, we feel that it would be better for our students to have a certification to prove and help them choose their study paths than not having anything at all. The greatest point we feel about JPT is that students are able to take the test regardless of their level. By that we mean, we could know and measure the ability of each students based on the test. And also the test is conducted every month. Furthermore, the application procedure is so easy. The first time we decided to use JPT, there were a lot of questions, but the quick responses helped a lot. A lot of students lost their motivations because of COVID-19, but now, because of the existence of JPT, they now have a new goal, it feels like they have taken back their motivations.

Mr. Sato

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