JPT(Japanese Proficiency Test)

About JPT Elementary

Features of JPT Elementary

JPT Elementary is a Japanese proficiency test for beginners that specializes in JLPT N4 and N5 levels.

Test for beginners (N4 and N5 level)

Test Question Composition

Composition The number of Questions Time Scoring
Listening comprehension 40 Questions 25min 100 points
Reading comprehension 40 Questions 25min 100 points
Total 80 Questions 50min 200 points

*The length of the listening test may vary from test to test.

The exam time is shorter than JPT, 25 minutes for listening comprehension and 25 minutes for reading comprehension, totaling 50 minutes. The number of questions is also less than JPT, 40 questions for listening comprehension and 40 questions for reading comprehension, totaling 80 questions. It is suitable for beginners (N4, N5 level). It is the easiest test to take.

The test result is presented as a score

JPT Elementary

(out of 200)


(out of 990)


Similar to JPT, test results are displayed as scores, not pass/fail.
JPT Elementary has a maximum score of 200.
JLPT N4 and N5 levels can be judged based on scores, as JPT and JPT mapping scores are calculated based on past test data.

Tests used in the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice exam

Tests used in the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice exam

JPT Elementary, like JPT, be used as a test for admission to a Japanese language institute.
"The applicant must have scored at least 315 on JPT administered by the The JPT Japan Executive Committee or 68 on JPT Elementary Test."
The certificate will show JPT Elementary score as well as the JPT score.
Both JPT and JPT Elementary scores are available when proof of Japanese language proficiency is required.

JPT is held twelve times in a year

The exam will be held on the same day as JPT

As with the JPT, the number of exams is scheduled to be held 12 times a year (depending on the country where the exam is held) to improve convenience for examinees.

Held as needed from September 2023

Held as needed from September 2023

From September 2023, we plan to implement it in Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Philippines, etc.

Taking the Test overseas

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