JPT(Japanese Proficiency Test)

certificate issuance

certificate issuance

Requesting an Official Score Certificate

If you want us to issue an Official Score Certificate, please make a request through JPT APP. Tap the Apply button on the "Test Results" screen.

How to get Certificate

*The photo taken when applying for the exam will be used for the transcript and it won't be possible to change the information or the picture at the time of applying.
*Regarding the dress code: We recommend wearing suits or other formal attire for the photo.
*If we can not identify your picture, you will not receive your registration for JPT. We do not accept pictures that have masks or caps, images that is too small, and passport or other ID cards.

How to Check Your Official Score Certificate

We use the Two-dimensional code authentication system to prevent Official Score Certificates from being forged and illegally used.

[Before you start] Once you receive your Official Score Certificate, scan the Two-dimensional code printed on the right side of the certificate. The screen for "How to Check Your Official Certificate" will be displayed.
1. Tap the "Check Your Certificate" button and open the "Check Your Official Certificate" screen.
Check Your Certificate
2. Tap the Two-dimensional code button, and the Two-dimensional code shooting screen will appear.

(If the screen is blank, there may be a problem with the browser's permission to use the camera. Give the browser permission to access the camera and then retry to tap the Two-dimensional code button.)

3. Scan the Two-dimensional code, which is printed at the left side of the certificate.
Failed to read the Two-dimensional code.

Please try to scan the Two-dimensional code as large and clear as possible. When the Two-dimensional code looks blurry, try to pinch out the shooting screen to zoom in on the Two-dimensional code.

4. When the Two-dimensional code is read correctly, results are shown.

Please make sure that there is no difference in content from the certificate.

The authenticity check was unsuccessful.

There may be some errors in the certificate. Please contact us.

Application for JPT
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