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About inquiries other than the JPT

JPT Administration Committee is the organization of the JPT(Japanese Proficiency Test); if you have any questions about the JPT, please refer to the FAQ page.
If you have any other inquiries about the Japanese Language Test, please contact the organizers of each test (JLPT governing body, EJU governing body, etc.).

About JPT

The JPT is a test that can be taken by non-native speakers who are learning Japanese. It can measure your current level of Japanese communication skills.
The results of the JPT are recognized as a qualification for admission to Japanese language educational institutions. JPT is also used to evaluate your ability for job hunting at major enterprises and public institutions in Korea.
Please visit this page for more information.

The JPT is a test to measure the level of your Japanese communication. The test is not a pass or fail system, but rather a score between 10 to 990. For this reason, the JPT provides an accurate comparison of abilities that cannot be expressed as a pass or fail. In addition, the JPT is held every month, so there are many opportunities to take the test and the results are announced two weeks after.
On the other hand, the JLPT is divided into five levels from N1 to N5, and its results will shows you a pass or fail for each level. The test is held twice a year, in July and December, and it takes two months to announce the results.
Please visit here for a comparison list of JPT and JLPT levels.
Please visit here for a comparison list of JPT and JLPT levels.

Everyone takes the same test, regardless of how many years they have studied Japanese. There are no N1s or other levels like the JLPT.
Results are scored 10 out of 990 points and you are rated in multiples of 5 points.
Please visit this page for an estimate of scores.
Please visit this page for an estimate of scores.

What is the difference between JPT and JLPT?

What level of testing is the JPT?

The JPT is based on a score, however there is no pass or fail.
Each individual has a different target score depending on his or her objectives so candidates, schools, companies, etc. can decide on a target score that meets their objectives.
See this page for a guide of scores.
The score required for admission and employment differs from school to school and company to company, so check with each one.

The JPT is scored on a scale of 10 to 990, so it can be measured from a beginner of low level to a non-native speaker of a high level closer to a native Japanese speaker. Therefore, the JPT can be used to access a wide range of Japanese language skills, from those who are just beginning to learn Japanese to those who want to improve their advanced communication skills.
There is a fixed percentage of questions in each section of the test, ranging from simple to difficult. So while some questions may not be obvious to those who are just starting to learn, even if you can't answer all the questions, you can still measure your current ability.

We do not send the document by mail, but you can download the PDF file for the JPT here.

JPT is used as a test (*) to certify that a student has Japanese language proficiency equivalent to or above A1 or A2 in the "Frame of Reference for Japanese Language Education". Unfortunately, however, the JPT has not yet been approved as a Japanese language test for specific skills. We are currently working on the adoption of the JPT.

*A test that certifies Japanese language proficiency equivalent to A1 or higher in the "Frame of Reference for Japanese Language Education" for admission to Japanese language educational institutions (315 points or higher)
*A test that certifies Japanese language proficiency equivalent to A2 or higher (370 points or higher) in the "Frame of Reference for Japanese Language Education" stipulated in the standards announced by Japanese language educational institutions.

What is the difference between JPT and JLPT?

"The JPT is a test to measure and confirm your current Japanese communication skills.
The JPT is used by many companies to evaluate your employment opportunities, but the score required differs depending on the company and the purpose of the test.
Please use this test as one of the materials to improve your current Japanese language ability.
Please see this page for more information on where JPT scores are employed.

There is no limitation. You can take it as many times as you want.

The JPT uses a high-dimensional testing technique to adjust the level of difficulty and maintain a standard for assessing scores so that there are no differences in evaluation criteria from test to test.
The test is based on the analysis of correlations between subject areas. Therefore, as long as a test taker's ability remains the same, the score will remain constant no matter when the test is taken, and we can also measure progress by taking the test repeatedly.

Application Related

If you take the exam in Japan, you can use the dedicated App to register for the JPT and check your test results.
Please check here for more detail information.

Where can I download the App?

Regarding the dress code: we recommend wearing suits or other formal attire for the photo. If we can not identify your picture, you will not receive your registration for JPT. We do not accept pictures that have masks or caps, images that is too small, and passport or other ID cards.

It cannot be changed after applying.

Credit card payment, and convenience store payment are available.
*Tablet can not be used.

I would like to take the JPT. How can I apply for the JPT?

Where can I download the App?

You can't cancel and we don't refund you after applying.
If it is before the payment, you can cancel your registration through the App.

If I can't take the JPT on the day of the exam, is it possible to get a refund or change the date of the test? Can I give away my test qualifications to someone like a friend?

Exam Information

If you take the JPT in Japan, you will be notified about the test date via email and the app 2 weeks before.

About two weeks before the exam date, you will be able to see it on the App. Please remind that we won't mail it to you.
On the day of the exam, you must show your exam voucher on the app at the reception desk. You may also use a screenshot or printout of the exam voucher screen.

Here is what you need to bring on the day of the exam.

  • Something that shows the examination number (e.g., a printout of the examination voucher screen or a mobile phone)
  • Photo identification (must be valid one) *Please birng the original identification because copy one is not alowed to use.
  • pencil / mechanical pencil (Black color only)
  • Eraser
  • Watch (except smart watch)

Please check "Notes" for more information on identification documents.

When can I get details of the exam centre?

Where can I check my examination voucher? Can I receive it in the mail?

You cannot get a refund of the test fee, change the date of the test, or give away your test qualifications to anyone else. You don't need to contact us if you are not going to attend the test.

Can I cancel my application after applying?

You are not allowed to leave the room during the test as it may disturb other examinees.

Notification of results

You will receive it through the app within approximately two weeks of the exam date.

How do I get my transcript?

If it's right after the exam, it's displayed on the home screen of the App.
You can check your past exam scores under "History" in the App menu.

Once your grades are displayed on the App, you will be able to apply for a transcript.
Once you have applied and paid the transcript fee, you will receive your transcript in the mail in about a week.

It is valid for two years from the exam date.

*ranscript will be reissued within 2 years. If you take the test on January 31st, 2020, you can reissue your transcript untill January 31st, 2022.

We do not send transcripts overseas. Please contact our organization in the country when you want it outside of Japan.
Here is the details you must let them know.

  • Full name
  • DOB
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Date of Exam
  • Test site
  • Exam No.

You must follow the guidance of the organization in each country when you apply.
You will also need to provide ID in order to apply.
Certificate insurance fees differ depending on the country.

If you have any further questions, please contact us through the contact form.

Application for JPT
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