JPT (Japanese Proficiency Test)

certificate issuance

How to request a printed Official Score Certificate

If you want us to issue an Official Score Certificate, please make a request through JPT APP (*There is a fee to be paid). The procedures for application are as follows.

*When you would like to receive your transcript outside of Japan, please contact our organization in the country where you would like to receive it. You cannot apply for the transcript within the JPT app.

1. Test Results

Tap the "Official Score Certificate Issue Request" button.

2. Enter the Mailing Address

Fill in the necessary details and tap the "Apply" button.

3. Enter the Mailing Address

*You must select the number of certificates you need.

4. Application Completed

and tap the "Credit card" button.

5. Pay the Fee

Upon completion of the application procedures, the information panel appears on the screen.
Tap the "Pyment of your transcript" button.

6. Check the Application Information

Check the information and tap the "Credit card" button if there is no problem.

7. Credit card
8. Mailing Your Official Score Certificate (s)

We will mail your certificate (s) when payment is received and confirmed.

Application for JPT
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