JPT (Japanese Proficiency Test)

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Score Descriptions

JPT Score and Linguistic Competence.

score Listening comprehension Reading comprehension
Sufficient communication in Japanese in any situation.
880points more
  • Understand subtle differences in expressions on any topic, and communicate accurate intentions.
  • Understand the other party, the ability to speak correctly in conversation, business negotiations, on the telephone etc.
  • Use appropriate expressions and vocabulary in accordance with the person.
  • Accurate Japanese knowledge and ability to use Japanese.
  • Use correct text in business documents, emails, etc.
Use appropriate communication in Japanese in a wide range of situations.
740points more
  • Understand the contents of a wide range of topics.
  • Prepare and announce themes of interest in advance.
  • Understand and answer the other person's speaking in a meeting, business negotiation, telephone etc.
  • Abundant knowledge of vocabulary and grammar excluding some complicated things.
  • Reorganize the important content of the attended meetings.
  • Understand conflicts and differences of opinions.
Daily conversation in a limited range of Japanese.
610points more
  • Understand the majority of everyday conversations.
  • Understand the content of meetings and negotiations, but complicated matters will interfere with understanding.
  • Understand basic sentences about everyday situations.
  • Understand complicated content if some alternative simple phrases are available.
Simple content can be handled, but there is a problem in accurate representation.
460points more
  • Simple daily conversation, only the outline can be understood and handled.
  • Express general topics such as hobbies, family, weather, easy Japanese.
  • Understand plain text.
  • Inadequacy in vocabulary, grammar and syntax.
Beginner communication skills and basic greetings and self-introduction.
220points more
  • Understand the basic greetings.
  • Easily explain plain daily life.
  • Understand frequently used words and syntax.
  • Acquire only fragmented Japanese knowledge.
  • Understand the contents of a simple note etc.
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